As many of you know we are the last small privately owned family practice in the area. We know this is the BEST way to deliver quality healthcare while trying to address the sky-rocketing costs of providing healthcare. The government and insurance companies continue to overtake your health care and interfere in the patient-physician relationship. If this is allowed to continue it will be destruction of quality healthcare for you and your family.

We have transitioned to a Direct Primary Care Medical Home. This is a model that provides quality healthcare at a very reasonable price. DPC is also in the Affordable Care Act as an accepted business model, satisfies the insurance mandate thus avoiding the government's penalties through the IRS.

During this transition Dr. Koury is working in the emergency room for the next few months thus we will have less hours in the office BUT the plan is Dr. Koury and Lori will return to full-time work in the office as a DPC practice.